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Choicewood Park apartments from farming to housing
From raising crops to raising buildings

    We have always been a family of farmers until one day we had a vision.  That vision was to help the city of Le Mars with a housing issue.  After much discussion we chose to build apartments that would not only be a place everyone would like to call home, but at the same time, make them affordable enough for most to enjoy!

     The name Choicewood goes back to the late 1800's.  Around 1890, the city of Le Mars, like today, was a busy and popular place.  The only difference, the city was known for its Polo team and horse racing instead of ice cream.  It was the first city in the USA to have it's first Polo related death!  Then in 1895, two race horses came out of Le Mars.  One named Almead, and the other was Choicewood.  Choicewood became the horse that the town rallied around in the races.


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